Physical Change or Chemical Change in Matter Grouping Worksheet

Physical Properties of Matters 

Physical properties are the properties of matter that can be observed, measured, or felt without transforming into another substance.

Color, odor, taste, shape, hardness, amount, melting point, boiling point, density, transparency, specific heat, electrical conductivity are physical properties.

The atoms and molecules of matter are not physically changed.

Chemical Properties of Matters 

Chemical properties are the properties that can be observed during the transformation of a substance into another substance or other substances and are related to its internal structure.

Whether it is flammable, whether it reacts with water, whether its oxides are acidic or basic, whether it reacts with acid or base, activity, stability, tendency to reduce and oxidation tendency, etc. properties are the chemical properties of the matter. Changes in the internal structure of matter are called chemical changes.

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