Musical Education in Preschool Term, Musical Instruments Worksheets

The use of pre-school musical instruments is very important in terms of recognizing the talents of the individual. If someone can play a musical instrument, that is, if he is talented in music, this situation is also evident in the pre-school period. If your child accompanies music or plays rhythm, you should definitely seek advice from a music instructor. Music improves self-expression, creativity, taste, and aesthetic sense; contributes to cognitive development and abstract thinking with sound and language development. Children’s musical talent begins at birth. They respond to sound stimuli from birth and recognize the footsteps of their parents. They express happiness and uneasiness by crying and raising or lowering their tone of voice.

For preschool children, music and dance are not only a means of self-expression but also an important activity for the child’s social development. Because the child can communicate more easily with his friends, accompanied by music. Music primarily contributes to the language development of the preschool child through songs and nursery rhymes. In addition, it gives the child the opportunity to reveal his/her creativity through musical activities.

It is clearly seen that music education also contributes to the ability to read. According to the research, it has been seen that among the primary school students who took the reading test at the beginning and end of the academic year, those who received music education achieved better results than those who did not. As a result of many tests, it has been seen that the rate of correctly vocalizing the letters is higher in children who pronounce the notes correctly. The positive effect of music education manifests itself in learning and creativity as well as reading. It is not difficult to see how music has changed our lives. It is said that music is an innate talent, and the emergence of this talent will emerge with the attitude of parents towards music education. [1]  

So, what are preschool musical instruments? How can we decide which musical instrument to teach children?

You can teach many musical instruments without too much difficulty. If we give an example of some musical instruments that you can teach with a good enough study;

  • Guitar
  • Flute
  • Drum
  • Kaval
  • Org
  • Harmonica
  • Bongo

Although children tend to learn new things, they are always curious and like to question new things. In other words, they will be more interested in music by taking music education not only in pre-school but also in school and after school, and maybe they will turn to a job in the field of music. Even if they don’t partake in the business world, they can give themselves morale and motivation by playing a musical instrument in order to relax. 

Musical Instruments

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